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"Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord." ~Proverbs 18:22
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About Us
Joel and I met in November 2008 and we were married by April 4, 2009! While most people thought we were absolutely crazy, we knew exactly what we had been praying for and knew that God would bless us mightily!

We found out real quick and know first hand just how nerve racking it can be planning a wedding in a matter of 5 months! We wanted a  reasonably priced, beautiful, and very personalized wedding. We didn't want to be in charge of any of the decorating or the late night clean up!  After all, it was going to be our big day! We wanted all the luxury of detailing the wedding and knowing that all we had to do was show up! We reached out to a local wedding planner and we were truly amazed with her knowledge and expertise! We have always reminisced and often spoke about one day being able to do for others what was done for us! 

Joel is an ordained Elder and we were given the opportunity to unite a few couples in matrimony and also to decorate a few weddings from scratch! Being that we are very creative and love ministry, this was a very natural and wonderful experience for us both!  We believe in loving people the way that God loves us! We hit it off with every couple and always found ourselves laughing and talking for hours after the ceremony had ended! We were asked by many couples and their family members if we were the owners and we were always told that this is something we would be absolutely wonderful at! We took all their wonderful words to heart and continued to pray that God would bless us with the opportunity to structure and build a beautiful wedding business. Our desire has always been to be the very instruments that He would use to carry out His work. God has ordained marriage; it is His institution! 

We thank God for the many abilities, gifts, and talents that He has given us and we enjoy extending & sharing them where they are needed! We have been blessed with the opportunity to work together every minute of every day and as it may not work for some married couples, we wouldn't have it any other way! 

We appreciate and thank you for your time you have given us and we hope that you will give us the pleasure and opportunity to serve you!

Have a Wonderful and Blessed Day!
Joel and Pamela Gilmore Jr.